Regardless of where you are in your health, you likely fit into one of these three phases of care:

THE PAIN PHASE: For some people this is the phase that finally motivates them to do something about their condition or injury. Most of us wait, suffering physical pain, for too long before we seek proper care. Delaying care can worsen the condition. A person’s health is worth some effort, so when injuries occur, they should not put off receiving the attention they need. Some people have lived with pain or other conditions that have limited their quality of life and physical ability to do what they want. When they finally seek care, recovery takes longer. Although it will usually take more care and effort to combat what time has done, we’re able to help you and want to be a part of your journey to pain relief.

THE FUNCTIONAL PHASE: You may be in this phase if you are making progress in your recovery from THE PAIN PHASE. During this phase is when the body is able to again function with little or no pain, your active range of motion is mostly whole again, activities of daily living have been returned almost fully, and you can get through your days with little worry of pain and discomfort. The care you receive during this phase is important because your body might no longer be sending pain signals to your brain so you may be tempted to return to activities and motions that your body isn’t quite ready for, and this thinking can be what causes people to return to THE PAIN PHASE or what got them there in the first place. This is also the false belief that leads some to prematurely discontinue care and never reach THE WELLNESS PHASE.

THE WELLNESS PHASE: This is the phase where we want all of our patients to spend all their time. In this phase, people are rarely in pain. They rarely have injuries. They are physically able to do what they want without fear of discomfort or limitation due to joint or muscle conditions. In this phase, care is part of your life and you no longer see it as a chore; you have seen that chiropractic care has supported you to become pain-free and to enjoy functional freedom.