Most people would rather spend the effort to prevent an illness or injury rather than to experience the pain and discomfort that so often accompanies incidents. Often pain from an injury occurs because of the damage that has taken place to the tissue. People have many different types of tissues in the body and they all respond differently to injury. Each individual injury has its own unique set of challenges, such as the amount of pressure the tissue or bone was forced to comply with, the distance the tissue was forced to stretch, and the types of tissues that were injured (muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints). After these questions are answered, there is still the big question, “How do I fix it?”

This is why prevention is key. Many studies show that if you have had back pain in the past you are 80% more likely to have recurrent episodes, and 7% more likely to develop chronic back pain. Further noted, in patients with back pain that went on to have surgery, only 5% needed the surgery. We at Pain Relief Chiropractic & Massage work hard to help educate and train you in this important endeavor. We do this through having proper biomechanics, accurate proprioception and feedback, good posture, balanced muscle tone, healthy nutrition and plenty more. We will teach you what is necessary for your individual case so that you do not become another statistic.