Dr. Judson White is a licensed chiropractic physician that utilizes the most current and proven techniques in the field. He attended Brigham Young University – Idaho to study Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology with minors in biochemistry. He continued his education in human biology from University of Western States, earning a B.S. and D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) degrees. Dr. White specializes in the movement and motion of the body through the joints, muscles, ligaments, and kinetic energy. He is passionate about alleviating pain and increasing mobility for his patients in order to improve their health and the quality of their lives.

Dr. White was born and raised in East Wenatchee, WA, located in a valley intersected by the Columbia River. With four distinct seasons, lakes and rivers, and mountains and hills, the outdoor recreational opportunities were limitless, and he spent much of his youth enjoying the outdoors. This landscape afforded constant opportunities for his three sisters, two brothers and him to be active and enjoy nature. After high school, Dr. White served a LDS mission in Denver, CO. After his return, he soon met and married his wife, Melissa. They have two sweet, energetic young boys.


When he was eight years old, Dr. White started to get chronic migraines and nosebleeds. The migraines were almost daily and the nosebleeds were often three times a day. The exhaustion was so great that at times he would tremble to sleep in the middle of the day. While his friends were playing outside, Dr. White often had to go inside to take medication and put ice on his head to help with the pain. This went on for nearly two years until the age of ten when his oldest sibling started working at a chiropractic office. It was then that he received his first chiropractic treatment. After a short while, Dr. White was no longer experiencing daily migraines. The nosebleeds also ended, though more gradually. This was his first experience with chiropractic care and it had a profound impact on his life.

In the years shortly after his first experience with chiropractic care as a teen and young adult, Dr. White was a victim of two major car accidents and several severe sports injuries. The medical field did little to help him recover. As is often the case, the medical community prescribed muscle relaxers and pain pills, but these were weak efforts to cover up the fact that the body needed attention to heal. Dr. White soon began receiving care under a chiropractor that took the time to explain a treatment plan that combined traditional chiropractic with stretching, strengthening, movement, balance, stability, and stamina as lifelong practices. This kind of care, which Dr. White has personally found to be the most effective, is what he wants to provide to people who have health challenges or injuries, particularly those caused by car accidents or athletics.


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